About Us

Jacob M. Bieber

creative executive officer

human swiss army knife

When we call him our very own "Swiss Army Knife" we really mean it.  If Jacob can’t find something, he figures out a way to make it himself (we can’t emphasize enough how industrious he is). Jacob has extensive experience as a sound engineer and has an undergraduate degree in music and a Master’s degree in business. In addition to coming up with new and inventive ideas to help customers create new ways to showcase their lighting or work their sound magic, Jacob also functions as Rockstar Rental's Chief Financial Officer, plays some mean guitar, fixes and repairs amps, is a novice luthier and amp repairer, and can be social if encouraged (rumor has it, he likes chocolate chip cookies). 

Vasiliki I. Bieber

creative marketing officer

You might have guessed it by now, but Vassi and Jacob are married AND they work together - how can this be?! We know, it's a conundrum, but it does seem to work. Vassi has over 10 years of experience as a Marketing Director and is in charge of all of Rockstar Rentals' marketing collateral, design work, logo work, photography, social media management, and content management. Vassi has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a MBA from the University of California, Riverside. She also networks extensively with Rockstar's Wedding and design segment and loves working closely with the Colorado's premier wedding planners and vendors.

Our Story

We are Rockstar Rentals, a premier boutique audio and lighting equipment rental company and event-production team located in Centennial, Colorado – just a few miles south of Denver.  Over the years, we have worked with a variety of bands, DJs, event planners, corporations, and individuals.  We have rented our equipment and décor to small, home-based events, large weddings, and even full-scale A/V events and we have provided services for individuals and corporations.

Our Mission

Love, Laugh, be Loud, and Rent Gear

We believe there is a better way to rent audio equipment and lighting.  Our mission is to provide the best possible quality gear at a great price with exceptional customer service.  We believe all customers are earned, not bought. Rock on!


In addition to being passionate about amazing audio equipment and awesome lighting we also believe in great music, we are proud supporters of aspiring artists and local bands.  We sponsor small, school events, and various non-profits.


(We also believe that if everyone spent about 10 minutes each day listening to great music, the world would be a better place).

Why Rockstar Rentals?

Easy Rentals

We try to make renting as simple as possible.  Provide us with a valid driver's license or ID, sign our rental agreement, put a credit card on file, and you're ready to go! We get you in and out the door quickly - hey, we know you've got stuff to do!


Rockstar Rentals Is owner-operated and we take a vested interest in making sure you're totally satisfied with your order.

  • We do not subcontract any of our work and we take full accountability for all of our equipment and set-up.  Jacob Bieber and Josh Garcia are our two audio experts - they can assess your audio needs and answer any questions you might have.


  • We are fully insured and assure the highest quality workmanship


Oftentimes, we are on location all over Denver and various surrounding cities, but we still want to be available, as much as possible, for our customers so if you need something, please call at 720.515.3391 to make an appointment.


Reserving your gear, or other rental equipment, is easy - simply order online and let us know when you will need your rentals by completing the "pick-up and return" section of the online order form.


We are conveniently located in Centennial, off of I-25 and only 35 miles sound of Denver.  Do you see the Ikea store off of the freeway? We're just a few miles away.

event knowledge

We specialize in audio, lighting, and Decor for all types of events,  including weddings and larger, corporate functions

Weekend rates

Rockstar Rentals provides weekend rental prices: pick-up on a Friday and return the following Monday.  If you take a system, or other rental, out for the weekend and you need to extend your rental, just give us a call before your rental is due and we can settle the difference.  No late fees to extend, just an additional fee for the additional day, or days, you might need the rental. 

delivery, setup

& event production

Rockstar Rentals offers delivery and pick-up services, set-up and tear down services, and even full event production. Pricing depends on gear rental, event location and work hours.