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The Scoop on Up-Lighting

Many of you already know how pricey a wedding can be and the industry itself is very competitive. Couples, too, are always shopping for the best deals without sacrificing form or function. Lighting is a great way to completely transform an event space and bring added life and color to any venue. Up-lighting is becoming more and more popular as technology improves (no more of that old-school, hot incandescent lighting and messy wiring) and as prices for LEDs become more and more reasonable. Also, with our new up-lights, you're not limited to just one color! The greatest thing about up-lighting is that is a nice, simple way to enhance the beauty of any room. Uplighting is a great investment for your wedding because it will create a drastic effect to your entire event. Guests notice up-lights from the moment they walk into a venue.

If you're considering market (or string lights) for your event you might take a look at up-lights as well. Certain venues, especially historic buildings, may frown upon the use of market lights since they may require mounting. That's not an issue with up-lights.

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