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We solemnly swear we've been up to some GOOD!

New lighting rental options for events - Acrylic lighted Pedestals

We've been super-busy and super-excited over the past few months as we add more inventory and options for our event rentals. One example of some of our new inventory: our acrylic lighted pedestals. What I love about these pedestals is the added brilliance that they can bring to any event. In this picture, we showcase our acrylic pedestals outdoors to glow what would've been a very dark reception. Pedestals are very versatile and can be used with our without lighting: as free-standing mini-cocktail tables, as a base for a larger cocktail table, or even covered in special fabrics and linens to enhance their appeal. This images doesn't even come close to doing the pedestals justice - I promise to get a better image on here relatively soon.

We've also upgrade our projectors to allow for beautifully displayed monograms and slideshows. We use a high contrast ratio that eliminates that "blue box" look that often appears around graphics in order to get a beautiful image to display for all of your guests.

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