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Music & Sound

I am told, more often than I'd like to hear actually, that sound, audio, and entertainment are often the last things that many event planners, individuals, and even wedding couples consider for their event(s). It's not that music isn't important, far from it actually, it's just that there are so many other things to contemplate for an even that audio tends to fall by the wayside. Maybe it's the Generation Xer in me that wants to call on local bands and DJs (apparently, I am stuck in the 90s along with the mosh pits and flannel), but it's aways the first thing on my list. I think it's because my husband, and co-owner of Rockstar Rentals, is a musician and has played in an array of bands over the years; he even played in the band during our own wedding reception (and trust me when I say that there isn't anything cooler than a man, wearing a kilt, playing guitar).

When I am asked about entertainment for events, I always suggest live bands first. For me, personally, nothing can replace the sound, feel, and exuberance of a live band. A lot of couples, nowadays, are asking for DJs - so how do you know the DJ you're hiring is any good. The best advice I would give: make sure you meet your DJ in person. Experience and highly sought-after DJs will take time to talk to you about their process an they do a lot more than simply play music (many will also be your Master of Ceremonies - your own MC for your event).

For those of you who are looking at a different route for entertainment and want a more individualized, DIY approach for your event, Rockstar Rentals offers a variety of audio equipment for almost any type of event (and if we don't have it, we can probably get it for you or find someone who can). A lot of our rentals are sent out to bands, DJs, and wedding couples. Many couples have friends, from out of state, that are professional DJs who simply need to rent the equipment from us for the event. We provide small, medium, large, and premium sound systems with microphones, stands, and mixing boards as three-day rentals (since most events are on a Saturday, our customers typically pick up the rentals on a Friday and return them the following Monday). For an additional fee, we also offer delivery and set-up for all of our equioment to the event location.

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