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Hiring a DJ

Shannon Lea, of Shingdigs DJs

Today I am proud to host Shannon Lea, of Shingdig DJs LLC, on our blog page. I had the immense pleasure of meeting Shannon, face-to-face recently and, I have to say, she's a blast and she really knows her stuff and it shows in the friends she keeps and the events she and her team host.

As an aside, I am told, more often than I’d like to hear actually, that sound, audio, and entertainment are often the last things that many event planners, individuals, and even wedding couples consider for their event(s). It’s not that audio considerations are not important, far from it actually, it’s just that there are so many other things to contemplate for an event that audio tends to fall by the wayside. Maybe it’s the Gen-Xer in me that wants to call on local bands and DJs (apparently, I am stuck in the 90s along with the mosh pits and flannel), but it’s always the first thing on my list. I think it’s because my husband, and co-owner of Rockstar Rentals, is a musician and has played in an array of bands over the years; we even had him play in a live band during our own wedding reception (and trust me when I say that there isn’t anything cooler than a man, wearing a kilt, playing guitar).

Shannon and I, and a few others, had an opportunity recently, to talk about the difference between a real professional versus someone who does hobby work or work "on the side" (no matter the industry). The conversation took an interesting turn as we looked into what people look for when they are hiring professionals for certain services. Shannon's recent blog, "Things You Should Know Before Saying 'I Do' to a DJ" touches on a few of the details that many folks really need to consider before hiring a DJ. My take-away? DJs do A LOT for events, particularly weddings - they set the tone, help create movement, establish a presence, and can make your event spectacular. Check out Shannon's blog, send Shindigs an email, and make sure you all stop by POSH Wedding Group if you're looking for more awesome vendors.

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