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What does a Wedding Cost?

So May is here and all I think about when I think ‘May’ are flowers, showers, and why is it still snowing? Ugh. Well, at least the first two are pretty cool. Since it’s been roughly 12 years since I, myself, tied the knot I was wondering what is the average price of a wedding? I did some digging and found out, thanks to our friends at The Knot, that the average cost, per wedding was roughly $33,391 nationwide (including the ring, but not the honeymoon). In Colorado, the average price of a wedding was about $26,897. For Rockstar Rentals, September is our busiest wedding month and apparently that holds true for everyone, industry-wide, since 16% of couples choose to get married in September (followed closely by June and then October).

Thankfully, we have easy DIY options to keep the cost of your sound and décor budgets in check.

Check out our Pinterest and Instagram pages for examples of our work and inspiration.


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