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Product Profile | Medium Sound System

We might be a fairly small audio and lighting rental company, but we sure keep busy. Over the past three years we have rented our audio systems to couples to use in their weddings, to out-of-town DJs (heck, even the in-town DJs), to marketing managers and hotels to use in the Audio/Visual (A/V) presentations, and to individuals and organizations for parties and events.

Currently, our most popular rental package is our Medium Sound System – it’s easy-to-use, intuitive, provides adequate and amazing sound for medium-sized, indoor venue spaces and crowds. Our Medium Sound System comes with two 12” ZLX Electro-Voice (EV) speakers, speaker stands, a handheld microphone, and a 1/8” headphone cable (to play music off of your iphone, ipad, tablet, phone, or other MP3 players). It also comes with a small, 10-channel mixer, the Allen & Heath Zed-10. The Zed-10 is perfect for small band mixing, recording, and even live performances. The Zed-10 comes with an in/out USB audio which will make it easy to capture stereo recordings.

Whether you’re using our system for a wedding, party, or corporate event we walk you through how to set-up each system and are on-call for any questions you might have.

Have fun and ROCK ON!

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