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QSC K10.2 | Revamped and Amazing

Look at that catchy title...all that information for all you musicians out there. Seriously, though, we are super excited about our new 10" speaker inventory, partially because some of us are musicians and we love our gear, and partially because it's new and it's fun and it sounds great.

So, why are we excited about the revamped QSCK series? Well, they come with the same, traditional K-series durability but with double the power and the class-D internal power amplifier as well as higher SPL and greater bass extension and an easy-to-use DSP (digital signal processing) unit. What does this all mean for the average user? It means you can turn up the volume significantly without any harsh sounds with a noticeable increase in those bass frequencies many of us love.

If you're looking for great sound from a smaller sound system, the QSC K10.2 is the way to go.

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