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2022 | Time to RECHARGE & GREEN UP

A new year, a new start. What are we up to this year?

We want to move to a more environmentally friendly, earth-conscious approach to rentals. Audio rentals, in general, are an already more ecological approach for sound reinforcement, since there isn't a new stream of electronic equipment being filtered into an already saturated market (many components of electronics require an array of raw materials that are hard and expensive to procure and difficult to recycle).

Our approach, in 2022, is to transition away from disposable electronics as much as possible and adopting rechargeable batteries in all of the electronics that require batteries to function.

Over the past 20 years, battery technologies have improved tremendously, they have become less expensive, much more reliable, and significantly longer lasting. Modern rechargeable batteries are made of nickel-metal hydride and are sealed to prevent battery leakage. Best of all, they create less trash for our environment (and, more importantly, less hazardous wastes).

We're phasing out the disposable batteries for a better, more environmentally friendly approach.
Rechargeable Batteries

What other steps are we taking to be greener AV and lighting company?

  • We've already have transitioned to LED-based bulbs for most of our lighting jobs. We use the Edison, filament-based, bulbs only upon request for specific events; this not only reduces overall power usages at the venues, but also reduces the chances of any fuse issues or electrical outages.

  • We recycle as much as possible and sell, or donate, any equipment we can no longer use in a commercial capacity.

  • We keep our in-house paper usage to a minimum and are as paperless as we can possibly be.

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