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Event Planning and Lighting: Colorscapes

A client who loves a variety of colors - that is our dream! We can use as many colors as a client would like and we are able to pre-program all of our lights to match the aesthetic of the day:

lots of color!

Lighting and Ambiance are the most important elements of an amazing and memorable event!

  • Lighting should match the theme of your event. If you're having a 60's themed wedding, try to find lights that look like they belong in that time period.

  • Lighting should be consistent throughout your event. For example, if you want something dark and mysterious at your Halloween party, make sure all of the lighting fits together and is consistent with each other so no one feels out of place or distracted by bright lights coming from odd places (like over peoples' heads).

  • Your lighting should always match with whatever music you're playing for your guests as well! Use some LED candles for slow and romantic events.

Keeping with the theme, we were able to pre-program all of our lights to match the aesthetic of the day: pops of color

Up-lighting is a great way to add ambiance to a space and make it feel more cozy. Up-lighting also helps your guests feel more comfortable, as well as more connected to each other. The lights can help make a space seem warmer and more intimate, while also adding some extra color or texture if you have an all-white room.

If you're planning on having lights hanging from your ceiling, make sure you keep them out of the way of any hanging decorations like balloons or streamers so that no one gets tangled up in them when they're dancing!

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