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FAQs - Audio/Sound Systems

What kind of audio system do I need for my event?

The best audio system for EDM, or other dance music, is one that can handle big crowds and loud music. The quality of your sound system will depend on the venue, budget, and size of your audience. If you're having a small-scale event (like a cocktail party), an iPod or laptop with speakers might be all you need.

For weddings, we recommend a system with a mixer, microphone, and some speakers that can be set up on the dance floor. This will allow you to mix your own music, introduce speakers and emcees, and keep the party going strong. For ceremonies, you may add a wireless lapel mic for the officiant.

If you're throwing a small birthday party, or other celebration which doesn't require as much sound, then a smaller audio system should work, particularly if it's all indoors. This system also includes a vocal microphone and may be set up practically anywhere.

The best audio system for an event will depend on your venue, the size of your audience, whether the event is indoors or outdoors, and how loud you want to go. If you're hosting an intimate

gathering, in a small space, and don't want to be too loud, then we'd recommend getting a smaller system. If you're hosting an outdoor concert or festival, then you'll need a larger system and lots of power. You might also consider renting a sub woofer from us to really blast out those bass lines.

Do I need to rent a Sub-Woofer?

If you're planning on hosting any kind of large event (think 150 people or more), then we recommend investing in some subwoofers. The low frequencies in can easily be lost over the din of large crowds, but subwoofers are designed specifically to pump out those low notes with clarity and power.

I won't have access to electricity during my event, what are my options?

If you're having an outdoor event with

out access to electricity, there are two things we recommend: battery powered speakers or a generator. Both options are great because they allow you to run your speakers off batteries or gasoline respectively so that you don't need any power outlets nearby (which could be difficult if there isn't a suitable place for them). The downside of a generator is that it can produce a lot of noise, so you'd want to set it far enough away from your event so it won't be a distraction.

Check out our Sound Catalog for some of our audio options.

All of our rentals are full-service and includes delivery, set-up (if needed), and strike. Pricing is based on distance, duration of rental (how many days are you going to need the equipment) and whether or not you'd like our team to do the set-up for you.

Here are our pricing guidelines, for more information.

If you have a general idea of what you need, please start here.

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