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Full-Service Audio and Lighting Services Just Makes Sense

Going with full-service options for your events makes sense. Sure, DIY might be less expensive, but you're left with a lot less time to enjoy the events, to mingle with your guests, and you end up having to do a lot more trouble-shooting than you wanted. Our full-service options comes with delivery, set-up, and strike. If you're on a budget, you can opt for delivery and pick-up only. If you really don't want to worry about any possible kinks, our staff is available to stay for the entire event for an hourly fee. No one knows our equipment better than we do - we can set up most audio systems in less than an hour (depending on the scope of the project).

  • Features: Our audio engineers are experts with sound and lighting.

    • Advantages: Full-service options are easier on you, especially if you're a little stressed at getting everything together.

    • Benefits: Less stress, more time to enjoy your guests and the event itself.

  • Features: We offer full-service audio and music for any event, from a school event to a large national conference.

    • Advantages: We have great relationships with local professionals in all kinds of fields, from bands to on-demand DJs.

    • Benefits: You'll spend less time on the mundane aspects of your event and more time enjoying it!

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