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Full Service Audio Rentals | Delivery, Set-up, and Strike

As of June of 2022, we have successfully transitioned the audio segment of our business to a full-service-only audio rental company. As always, we only use the most reliable audio gear and we guarantee that you will receive the highest quality sound at an acceptable price.

We understand other sound companies are cheaper, but when you rent your audio gear from us, it is equally important that the audio setup is done right. Our team of sound engineers will come to your event and set-up, test/monitor, and strike our audio rental equipment. Our inventory is carefully transported to the event site; once there, we make sure all of your audio needs are met within budget and on time.

With our unique service, we don't just rent you the equipment. We deliver it directly to your venue and set it up for you. This way you will have less to worry about on your big day. Our staff is also available to operate the sound system if requested in advance of delivery, for an additional cost. We use best-in-class products from leading brands and offer highly competitive pricing with no hidden costs or fees.

So what makes us different? We have many years of experience providing professional services for corporate events, festivals, bands, and other special occasions throughout Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and even our beautiful mountain towns. Our high quality products are used by major corporations for their own audio needs.

We pride ourselves on being attentive listeners who listen to what you need instead of pushing products onto you that may not fit into your budget or space requirements. For example: if one speaker isn't enough power for an indoor venue then two speakers must be used instead; however this may require additional mic stands which might cause some logistical issues depending upon where they are placed due their length etc... We would rather tell you about these issues than surprise them later at installation time which could lead cause stress/panic situations between team members during production days resulting in additional costs later down line due unforeseen circumstances caused by poor planning upfront.

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