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Halloween Rentals Can Get Spooky AND fun!

October 31st in just around the corner and early planning can help you with your spooky party planning. Create a fun and exciting atmosphere for your Halloween party with our decorations rentals, lighting, and decor. Our fog machines and black lights will make your guests squeal in delight. At the heart of every great party is great music. Our audio set up will keep you dancing until dawn.

  • Black/UV lights can give your home a haunted house look with the right decorations

  • Fog machines create extra spookiness and the fog can show off the beams of your black light

  • Up-lighting can change the colors of your house (or yard) to orange or green, and change based on time of day

  • Audio equipment, with an sub-woofer, will enhance the spooky feel created by screamsYou never know what you might need until you're right in the middle of a haunted house

Need more ideas? Give us a call or a quick email and we can go through your theme ideas (scary? UV? Gothic?) and see what we can do to help you get to look and feel you want for your party.

ph. 303.578.5692

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