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KLA12 Line Array Sound System

As our customers' needs start to become more and more complex so to has our inventory. We are excited to offer the KLA12 but QSC - which combines some amazing power and sound flexibility.

Designed to be used exclusively as a fixed arcuate line array, each KLA12 speaker is set at a 90 degree horizontal by 18 degree vertical splay angle, allowing 90 degree vertical coverage arrays to be configured using only five boxes - versus six boxes from other manufacturers.

If you're a DJ or are in a band and you're looking to do an outdoor concert with 300+ people - our KLA12 Line Array, along with our QSC KW181 sub would make a great match! If you're looking to rent, give us a call at 720.515.3391 and ask for Jacob (our sound/audio expert) or send him an email at:

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