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Lighting With a Purpose

Over the past few years we have met with a lot of folks looking to brighten their event space, create a better atmosphere for their events, and even light up their dance parties with more interactive lighting options. One thing that is consistent among all of these requests has been their inconsistency - and we absolutely LOVE that.

If we don't see what you're looking for on our online lighting catalog, make sure you still tell us what you're looking for. Oftentimes we can acquire new lighting options, quite quickly, via our wholesalers and other vendor partners.

Customizing your lighting is easy and can be quite affordable - if you don't need Rockstar Rentals to deliver or set-up - a dry-rental option makes your lighting needs fast and cheap. Our lighting rentals, just like our sound rentals, are based on a three-day weekend rental agreement. Pick up your equipment on a Friday and return the following Monday. If you need to pick up the equipment earlier in the week, just let us know (there is a one-time $40 early pick-up fee).

These images included in this post are just some of the lighting options we have available to create various effects for your events. From simple market lights to colorful up-lights and even our "water effects" lighting and a few things in between.

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