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"Playing" it forward

Musicians are a big and vital part of our psyche - we LOVE them.

If you're looking to rent gear, either for a gig, a quaint performance, a family event, or event just to record in your own home or studio, please let us know. One of our personal mantras is to help and to ensure that our customers obtain the best, most appropriate gear for their specific purpose.

Our Audio gear is GREAT for all types of events, but we might recommend specific audio and recording gear, for our discerning and judicious musicians, depending on the use of the equipment. As we do for all of our event rentals, we want to ensure that your performance flawless - so please let us know if you're the talent in the show (whether you're a DJ, a vocalist, a guitarist, etc...) because we may recommend equipment better suited to your needs for your specific event.

Tell us if you're the talent renting the equipment.


Guitarist image by: frankie cordoba on Unsplash

Sheet music image by: Isaac Ibbott on Unsplash

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