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Preferred Vendor "Shout Out" | Josh Cherry

We have the distinct pleasure (and honor) to work with some amazing professionals - both within the music industry and within the wedding industry. We wanted to take a moment to give a shout-out to our friend, Josh Cherry, with Momentum Audio Services.

Josh Cherry | Momentum Audio Services

"Josh's passion for all things music began at a young age, but that passion transcended to the next level in 2008 when he turned his attention to DJing & lighting! Josh loves performing at weddings. He knows how to read a crowd well and enjoys building on the energy of the dance floor. His care and professionalism for a smooth and exciting night always come first. His favorite venues include high altitude ski resorts and mountain towns but loves playing in the heart of the city overlooking the skyline of Denver or the backdrop of the foothills. As a seasoned DJ with over a decade of experience, you're sure to be in good hands with Josh as your DJ & Master of Ceremonies."


Momentum Audio Services

Josh Cherry


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