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Product Profile: BOSE S1 Pro

Whether you are performing for a small audience, hosting your own special event, or entertaining at home, this system sounds fantastic!

Multiple positions allow the S1 Pro to be set down on the floor, up on a table, or even mounted on a speaker stand, ensuring that you always sound your best.

  • The ultimate portable PA for soloists, small acts, and event speakers.

  • Light weigh, at just 15 pounds, with a convenient carry handle.

  • Can be tilted, seated, or stand mounted (35mm pole mount).

  • Works great as a wedge monitor or playback system, too.

  • No hotspots; wide dispersion and Auto EQ deliver even coverage.

  • 2 channels with independent EQ and reverb.

  • Dedicated 3rd channel for aux input or Bluetooth streaming.

  • ToneMatch technology offers one-touch vocal and acoustic guitar presets.

  • Factory-installed Li-ion battery gives you hours of portable playback.

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