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Professional Wedding Vendors

Arrowhead Golf Club Tent | Lights by Rockstar Rentals
Market Lights by Rockstar Rentals at Arrowhead Golf Club

We pride ourselves on our abilities and our professionalism, but how do you know you're getting what you pay for when you hire a vendor for your wedding? Here are just a few things to look for or to ask:

1 - Make sure you get your invoices in writing (email is great too) and keep that paper trail. Rockstar Rentals typically asks for a 25% deposit, of the final estimate, in order to reserve your event on our calendar.

2 - Always verify your date and set-up and strike times. Typically, for most of our wedding jobs, we need at least four hours for set-up and at least three hours for strike. Of course, this varies on what is needed from us, the venue location, and other limitations. The longer it takes for us to set-up and strike the more expensive our services become.

3 - Always make sure that your vendor has some sort of insurance. Today, many venues won't allow friends or family members to set-up a lot of decor or lighting and this is primarily due to liability. Rockstar Rentals is insured and we also are able obtain separate insurance, with the specific name of the venue listed, to make sure that the venue doesn't have to consider any liability issues when you hire us.

4 - Is your vendor verified by Event Integrity? Event Integrity ensures that vendors are trustworthy and experienced. Rockstar Rentals is a certified vendor with Event Integrity. Check out Event Integrity and see for yourself.

5 - How long has your vendor been in business? There is nothing inherently wrong with hiring a new vendor for a service; however, most new vendors lack experience and still have to work out a lot of small details. Most new vendors may not even have insurance - so make sure you ask your venue if insurance is a requirement before you hire your new vendor.

6 - How does your vendor rate on Google or on other sites? Remember, a high ranking is good but a low ranking is not necessarily bad. It's quite difficult for vendors to get reviews so a lot of vendors that we know, many of whom have been in the business for years and years, have only managed a to obtain a few reviews from their customers. One negative review could impact their overall review score so ask for references, if appropriate.


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Unknown member
Apr 04, 2019

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