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Rockstar Rentals | Differentiation

Merriam-Webster defines Differentiation as the act or process of differentiating

What makes US different than other rental stores? Here a just a few things:

1) Renting our audio equipment is really, really easy: Just visit our website, add the items you want to rent, put in your dates (three days, usually Friday pick-up and a Monday return), pay for your rental and you're done!

2) We won't let ya leave if you don't know how to use the equipment. Don't be shy or embarrassed if you need us to walk you through how to operate some of the equipment. We have an example audio system right in our shop, so we will walk you through the basic set-up. If you need more help, Jacob Bieber, our CEO and audio engineer, can answer all of your audio questions. We even encourage you to record the process, in case you forget what a XLR cable is and where it should go.

3) Our prices are some of the lowest in town!

4) We are locally owned and operated.

5) We support local schools and offer discounts for certain organizations.

6) Need your rental delivered? For an added fee, we can delivery to most places in and around the Denver Metro area.

Check us out!

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