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Wedding Trends

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

I constantly see posts, blogs, and questions on various social media sites regarding wedding trends and thought: "hmmmm, maybe I can chime in a bit here?". Of course, you'll get to see how I REALLY feel about wedding "trends" at the bottom of this blog, but for now, here's what we are seeing so far, from the standpoint of a lighting and sound company:

- Freshly cut foliage and greenery is still a pretty big deal in 2018. We're seeing a lot of greenery everywhere and we love the way the rooms come alive with plants and flowers. Potted plants at a wedding? Heck yeah!

- There seems to be a greater emphasis on the celebration and party than I have seen in the past. After my own wedding, in 2006, I remember how letdown I felt after all that careful year-long planning and energy simply evaporated after one day. Couples, today, are really capitalizing on spending as much time as they can "partying" it out during their receptions while some are even creating "after-parties" in their own homes.

- We are seeing more and more colors come back into wedding, which is a stark contrast to the champagne and ivory hues we saw just a few years ago; the "natural" burlaps there were all the rage, just a few years ago, seem to be ebbing away. More colored candles and the use of colorful up-lights to enhance the reception areas are big requests for 2018.

- Music and sound is, and has always been an integral part of wedding celebrations. We don't see many couples hiring live bands for wedding receptions, but we are seeing more and more couples taking advantage of our DIY sound-rental options.

Here's the moment you've all been waiting for - my take on wedding trends:

At the end of the day, not matter what the "trend" may be, my advice to any couple is to simple do what makes you happy; go for the look and feel you want, this is your day so celebrate it the way YOU want to.

Oh, and if you need lighting and sound for your special day, rent from us, because we love you and we're pretty awesome.

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